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Narrative Films

I've written, directed and edited a number of narrative films which lean on surrealism to explore our mental relationship to the spaces and places around us.

Brian's Brain
(Short Film)

A micro-short reflecting on overthinking.

Written, Directed, Edited and colourised by myself.

Mother Hen

A pseudo-documentary about Czech TV

personality, Vitek, who has walked

from Prague to Bristol. But why?

Written, Directed, Edited by myself.

Lines (Short Film)

In a world where popping to the

toilet 'for a line' takes on a

totally different meaning.

Created at Kino Loop Berlin 2019.

Created with Tiarnán McCartney.

Florida When it Fizzles (Feature)

'This high-scale student

production deserves commendation

for its dedication, vibrancy,

and risk-taking'

- Epigram newspaper.

Directed and edited by myself.

Beans and Tea (Short Film)

In a desolate world, a young traveller finds a naked man on a beach, and becomes convinced he has found a fallen angel.

Story by ATM Films

Directed by Tom Whitson

Starring Seb Gillmore and Tiarnan McCartney

Written by Alex Stevens

Sound Design by Tom Wiles

Something to Smile About (Advert/Short Film)

A light hearted short film / advert, created for Dom's Coffee House in 2019.

Created by Tom Whitson

Written by Louis Sherman and Tom Whitson

Sound by Luke Predeth

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