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Music Videos

The best music videos build something new on a great song. I enjoy

editing music videos to extend the audience's understanding of the artist/song/concept.

B.Ramble - Fromage Phrase

Lifted from the Ramblin' EP, out now on Burns Manor Records

Produced by The X & Tricks

Mixed & mastered by Formi

Music video by Tom Whitson

Park Motive - In Movies

Made with Spinny Nights

Video created by Tom Whitson, Harry Plowden and Arthur Cross


X & Tricks // B.Ramble - Person in the Mirror

Directed, shot and edited by me.

The second single taken from B.Ramble and The X & Tricks' new EP

X & Tricks // B.Ramble - Boots & Cats

Directed, shot and edited by me.

The first release of 2019, look out for the collaborative EP from B.Ramble and The X & Tricks dropping very soon on Burns Manor Records.

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